Welcome to Spyker Wheel, an exceptional facet within Henan Kelun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. With a legacy originating in 2012, we have steadfastly pioneered the creation and global distribution of a diversified array of wheels and wheel accessories. Our scope spans Truck, Bus, Trailer, Passenger Car, Off-Road, ATV, and UTV segments. At our core, we are dedicated to producing premium products that epitomize quality and value, instilling unshakable confidence in our clientele, who proudly represent and circulate our offerings.

As a leading OEM wheel supplier for illustrious marques including China Geely Automobile Company, BYD, LYNK&CO, and FAW, our unwavering commitment lies in equipping OEM manufacturers with nothing short of exceptional quality. Our affiliation with Geely Auto in China further solidifies our pledge – every steel wheel order crafted within our facilities is fortified by a 1-year quality guarantee, while our forged aluminum alloy wheels exude a remarkable 5-year quality guarantee.

We have deftly positioned ourselves in the rapidly expanding Wheel Market, propelled by an unwavering vision to satiate the evolving needs of vehicle aesthetics and performance enhancements. Our aspiration doesn't end at merely mirroring market trends; we ambitiously steer and shape them. Harnessing the burgeoning manufacturing prowess of China, we have seamlessly stretched our market reach, spanning Southeast Asia, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, and South America. This strategic expansion empowers us to amplify sourcing and distribution capabilities, enhancing our customer-centric ethos.

Bolstered by robust R&D and QC teams, fortified by over 15 years of experience, we hold the proficiency to conjure unique designs of superior quality at compelling costs – a resounding recipe for market triumph.

Our coterie of engineering experts, deeply immersed in the wheel manufacturing domain, empowers us to engineer a plethora of wheel profiles. Whether based on clients' samples, blueprints, or AutoCAD designs, we have the acumen to morph ideas into tangible masterpieces.

Embrace an uncharted realm of unparalleled professionalism as you embark on your odyssey with Spyker Wheel. We wholeheartedly invite you to elect us as your definitive source for all things automotive. Forge a partnership with us to magnify your automotive aspirations, and anticipate an unveiling of remarkable products that augment your gains.

Visit our digital realm at Spyker Wheel and brace yourself for an immersive encounter marked by excellence in motion.